12 Simple Ways to Comfort Baby Kittens

Comfort Baby Kittens

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Here we take a look at helpful tips on keeping kittens safe and warm as they transition to a new home . . .

It is important to know how to comfort baby kittens as the first transition home can be scary for young kittens.  Kittens are adorable and make great companions. They are playful, curious, and can bring a lot of joy into your home. However, just like human babies, kittens also need comfort and care. If you’ve recently adopted a kitten or are planning to do so, it’s essential to know how to comfort them.

The kitten enters the world entirely dependent on their mother and typically spends at least 12 weeks bonded to their mother and siblings.  The transition to your home involves new sights, sounds, smells and people that can be frightening to a kitten.  Here we take a look at helpful tips that can ease the transition of a kitten to a new home.

12 Ways to Comfort Baby Kittens

#1)  If possible, spend time playing and cuddling with the kitten before removing them from their familiar environment.  If possible, bring home the comforting scent of his current home by petting their mother and siblings.   Bring along a towel or blanket and rub their family members.  Your kitten will appreciate having the comforting scent of their mother and siblings as they transition to a new home.

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#2)  Use a cat safe heating pad.  Because kittens don’t have the capability to regulate their body temperature, this handy tool provides needed warmth in providing your kitten a cozy environment.  Kittens will also miss the body heat of snuggling with their mother and siblings for added warmth.  A cat’s normal body temperature is higher than human body temperatures and should be within 100.4º to 102.5º Fahrenheit.  This is why cats often seek cozy and warm places to sleep.

#3)  Provide them with a Snuggle Kitty- a stuffed animal shaped like a cat that has a heartbeat. Kittens love to snuggle with and sleep on these stuffed animal substitutes as it emulates sleeping with their mother and siblings.  Kittens may also appreciated stuffed animals as cozy snuggle buddies.

Kitten Stuffed Animals
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#4)  Provide them with a soft blanket. Kitten love to snuggle and nest in a warm blanket as this provides warmth and feels like a safe place to hide.

Comfort Baby Kittens
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#5)  Utilize dye-free, recycled fur scraps from old coats to create a sense of comfort for your kitten. Many kittens knead on their mother and these scraps provide a means to knead and remind kittens of their mother.

#6)  Brush your kitten with a toothbrush – this mimics a mother cat’s rough tongue by brushing them gently with a toothbrush.  Grooming is relaxing to cats and kittens.

#7)  Add a ticking clock to where the kitten sleeps – kittens get used to the heartbeat of their mother.  Many kittens find comfort in the constant and consistent sound of a ticking alarm clock.

#8)  Prepare a cozy kitten carrier – prepare a kitten carrier with a warm blanket to transport your kitten.  Kittens love cozy spaces and a carrier provides a safe environment for your kitten to travel home.

#9)  Create a cozy kitten room or area in the home – Prepare a quiet room or area of the house for your kitten.  Open the door of the carrier and allow the kitten time to come out on their own terms.  Place fresh water, food, scratching post, cozy sleep space, and a litter box in a cat safe room or area of your home.  Make sure the litter box is accessible to a kitten with a low entrance.  Initial kitten resting places should be a safe height.

Comfort Baby Kittens

#10)  Make sure your entire home is kitten safe.  There are many plants and items that are toxic to cats.  So, make sure your entire home is kitten safe before allowing your kitten to explore the entire home.  Kittens are naturally curious and as they grow, their climbing and leaping ability will leave few space out of reach of a kitten.

#11)  Provide a routine – Kittens thrive on routine. They like to know what to expect and when. You can create a routine for feeding, playtime, and rest. This will help your kitten feel secure and comfortable in their new environment.

#12_ Provide a scratching post – Kittens love to scratch, and providing them with a scratching post can help them feel more comfortable and secure. Scratching posts can also help them exercise and keep their claws healthy.

In conclusion, comforting domestic kittens requires patience, love, and care. By providing a warm and cozy environment, creating a routine, offering gentle touch, providing a source of comfort, playing with them, using calming scents, and providing a scratching post, you can help your kitten feel safe and secure in their new home. With time and patience, your kitten will become a loving and loyal companion.

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