16 Things Cats Love to be Happy and Healthy

Things that Cats Love

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Here are 16 Things Cats Love to see if you are providing an enriching and healthy environment for your cat(s). . .

There are several Things Cats Love that provide them with a stimulating, rewarding and happy environment.

16 Things Cats Love

#1. Eating, Treats, and Food on a set schedule – Cats truly love and adore food. More finicky cats will demand fresh food that is newly opened and then won’t touch it after that. Cats should be fed on a daily schedule and they do keep to a schedule.  Some folks don’t even need an alarm clock, as their cat will let them know when it is time to be fed.  To have a happy and healthy cat, regularly change up their diet and incorporate small, healthy treats every once in a while. Cats get bored, and a variety of healthy treats help to keep things interesting for cats and ensures that they feel loved and cared for.  Eating is an essential item for things Cats Love and it is difficult to have a happy cat if they are not satisfied with their food, treats, and eating schedule.

Things Cats Love Food
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#2. Sleeping and power naps – Cats sleep on average 15-16 hours per day and they love their cat naps.  When they are sleeping, avoid bothering them, as they require sleep to reduce stress and support their health and wellbeing.  Kittens especially need their sleep to support healthy growth.

Things Cats Love Sleep
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#3. Exercise, Playing and Daily Playtime – cats should have daily exercise that also provide mental stimulation.  Cats love their toys and many common household items like bottle tabs, rubber bands, crinkly bags, straws, string, or wine corks will work just fine for one element of playtime.  Cats also like interactive play, so chasing the laser dot and interactive cat wand toys are great ways to provide interactive play time.  Some cat breeds even enjoy playing fetch.  Of course, the toilet paper roll in the bathroom often makes a satisfying toy for a cat.  Cats also love Christmas trees as these just seems to them like the ultimate cat toy.

Things Cats Love Playing
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#4. Running water – wild cats instinctively know that running water is better to drink and has less change to be stagnant or grow harmful bacteria and this behavior remains in domestic cats.  This is why cats love drinking water from running faucets.  The running water from the tap likely also tastes better as it is cooler and oxygenated.  There are plenty of pet drinking fountains to provide fresh, cool, and running water for your cat.  Of course, many cats also just love to play with running water and water drips.  Sinks and bathtubs are often favorite playlands for cats.

Things Cats Love Running Water
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5. Scratching, Clawing, Stretching, and sharpening their claws – Scratching is one of the instinctual behaviors that your cat does to keep their claws sharp and mark their territory.  Make sure you provide your cat with several scratching posts and cat towers to avoid damage to your favorite furniture.  Cats love things covered in carpet as it makes a great scratching surface.  Shredding paper and destroying the roll of toilet paper can also fall into this category.  Cats often combine clawing and stretching into one exercise that is both relaxing and pleasing.

Things Cats Love Clawing

#6. Sunbathing and warm places  –  a cats normal body temperature is higher than humans at s is 101.0 to 102.5°F (38.3 to 39.2°C).  Cats are comfortable in temperatures that are 20 degrees F higher than temperatures suitable for humans.  Cats often love being near the dryer, fireplaces, sunspots, sunny windows, heating vents, and even warm electronics like a laptop.  Basking in the sun and finding the best sunspots in the house are things that cats love.

Things Cats Love Sun
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#7. Window watching, Observing and Stalking – cats love their window perches and can spend countless hours staring out a window and watching the world go by. They are fascinated watching most things including:  objects that get blown around by the wind, insects, people, birds, squirrels, rabbits, or any form of wildlife.  Providing a window perch will be loved by your cat as windows are a stimulating environment (Cat TV) where they can watch and discover things.  Not all windows are created equal, a window facing an outdoor bird feeder is endless entertainment for a cat and much better than a window facing an empty parking lot.  Watching the great outdoors and wildlife provides mental stimulation and satisfies natural instincts for a cat.

Things Cats Love Windows
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#8. High Spots and safe hiding places – the evolution of wild and domestic cats has always had natural predators.  So, cats love to have safe places and escape plans available in their environment to feel safe and secure.  Cats love to sleep in high places as this protects them from being ambushed unexpectedly. They also love to view the world from high up perches as this satisfied their stalking instinct.  This is why cats love multi-level cat towers, climbing nets, and high shelving to let them explore their desire to climb.  Boxes and paper bags also provide inexpensive and entertaining hiding spaces for curious cats to explore.   Blankets are often valued by cats as a great safe hiding place that also provides warmth.  Laundry hampers, open cabinets, and open dresser drawers are often valued places for a cats.

Things Cats Love High Places

#9.  Potted plants, plants in general, and kitty grass – wild cats evolved with a love of the great outdoors and domestic cats retain these instincts.  Of course, many people keep their cats indoors for the safety of their cats.  If you have indoor cats, many cats love potted plants, cat patios, or some kitty grass.  Cats have sensitive noses, and the smell of dirt and plants provides mental and sensory stimulation to cats.  Many cats will also tolerate being on a leash it they get to explore the great outdoors.

Things Cats Love Plants
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 #10)  Pushing things off tables and ledges – have you noticed that it is difficult to keep pens or pencils on top of your desk?   Cats are natural scientists and they love testing theories of gravity.  Yes, Cats just love to push objects of ledges and watch them fall to the ground.  As naturally curious creatures, they just can’t seem to resist objects that are just waiting to be pushed off tables or ledges.  Many cats have learned that pushing items of tables is a quick and easy way to gain human attention.  Bored cats will also turn any object into a cat toy, and watching items fall to the floor is one form of cat play.

Knocking Items of Tables
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#11)  A Clean and Private Litter Box – Cats are neat freaks and want a clean litter box in order to be healthy and happy.  This often means daily cleaning of the litter box is best.  Many cats also want to have their very own litterbox and don’t share well with other cats.  Wild cats bury or cover their excrement so other more dominant cats or predatory animals won’t know they are around.  This survival mechanism trait was passed down to domestic cats.  Healthy cats often dedicate up to 50% of the waking day grooming themselves to maintain their cleanliness.  So, it should be no surprise that healthy cats want a clean litter box.

A Clean Litter Box
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#12) Hunting and Stalking – wild cats have plenty of hunting and stalking instincts and many of these traits are present in domestic cats.  Most cats have a natural urge to hunt and stalk prey.  Of course, cats love to present humans with their prized catch.  So, don’t be surprised if they bring you an insect or rodent if they manage to catch one.   Setting up indoor hunts by hiding treats around the house or providing puzzle toys that dispense treats are often valued by cats.  This satisfies their natural instincts to use use their brains to track down food and helps to prevent boredom.

Cats Love Hunting
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#13. Grooming and Being Groomed (Petted in the right way) – cats love human attention on their terms.  They will typically asked to be petted and one should not force petting on a cat. Being adored by their humans is something cats love and having their butt scratched is a cat favorite as the area right above the tail is where a cat cannot use its paws or tongue to scratch.

Cat Grooming
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#14)  The company of other kittens or cats – most cats prefer and like to have the company of other cats.  Many people adopt and raise kittens in pairs for this reason.  Two or more cats can provide company, play, mental stimulation and mutual grooming.  In some situations, a mature cat that is used to be alone may not want another cat in their territory.  If cats are properly socialized, they often prefer having the company of another cat.

Cat Company
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#15)  Catnip – most cats love their catnip and gain a feeling of euphoria from the right dose.  Catnip (Nepeta cataria) belongs to the mint family Lamiaceae (which includes aromatic herbs such as rosemary, sage, oregano and basil). The compound that plays the biggest role in the “catnip effect” in domestic cats is produced in specialized glands in catnip’s leaves and flowers and is called nepetalactone.  Of course, some cats are not sensitive to catnip and won’t have any reaction to it at all.  The majority of Cats are attracted to the odor of nepetalactone, which binds to receptors in their noses and often produces behavior that shows excitement.

Cats Love Catnip

#16. Spending Time with Family and Bonding with Their Humans – while cats are also independent creatures, they enjoy spending time with their humans on their terms.  Cats will greet you at the door when you arrive, rub against you, sleep in your lap, cuddle with you before bedtime, lick you, and/or will often have their own way of showing you love and affection.

Cats Love Bonding
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Two Cats are Better than One
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