Rescued Pig And Kitten Friendship Is Totally Adorable

rescued pig

photo: YouTube: The Dodo

This rescue pig's best friend in the world is a tiny kitten.

This story will remind you that we should love and care for each other no matter what our differences. In this clip, these rescued pig and kitten might be an unusual duo. However, they become best friends after being rescued and share every moment of their life together. From playing, eating and sleeping, this two duo doesn’t want to be separated from each other.

Meet Laura, a rescued piglet, and her BFF, Mariana, a rescued kitty.  This is so cute. This is a video clip that you simply must watch.

They were rescued within a few days of each other in Santiago, Chile and immediately became fast friends. They are adorably inseparable and enjoy taking naps and cuddling together.

Best friends come in all shapes and sizes! This duo is simply the best, don’t you agree? Mobile Toaster Please add the following code before the closing tag: