Interesting Facts about Siberian Cats (video)

Siberian Cats

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Enjoy watching these interesting facts about Siberian Cats and discover why this amicable breed just might scratch the surface of perfection....

The Siberian cat is a majestic feline that has captured the hearts of many cat lovers around the world. Known for their luxurious coat and gentle demeanor, this breed is a popular choice for pet owners who are looking for a loyal and affectionate companion. ISiberian Cats are known by the formal name of the breed as “Siberian Forest Cats” and they share several similar breed characteristics as the Norwegian Forest cat and Maine Coons.  They are a sturdy cat that is built to endure cold weather.

Searching for a cat that will be the perfect fit for your family? Look no further than the adaptable, amicable Siberian breed! Watch the video below to learn all about this wonderful breed and see more facts and photos below.

Interesting Siberian Cat Facts Video

The Siberian cat below demonstrates a thick coat of blended grey tones. No two Siberians have the same markings making each individual cat unique. It’s important to note that their beautiful coats are challenging to maintain, as they need to be brushed quite often and are highly likely to shed. They are an eye-catching breed.


Siberian Cats History and Origin

The Siberian cat is a forest cat that is an ancient breed that originated in the forests of Siberia and Russia. They are believed to have been domesticated by the indigenous people of Siberia, who kept them as pets to help keep rodents at bay. Over time, the breed became popular in Russia and was even featured in Russian literature and folklore.  The first recorded Siberian cat was brought to the United States in 1990, and the breed was recognized by the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) in 2006. Today, Siberian cats can be found all over the world and are beloved by cat enthusiasts everywhere.  The breed evolved a luxurious triple coat to protect against the harsh cold climate. The breed has a solid, well-muscled body with substantial bone development to endure harsh environments.  They have been gaining in popularity.  However, the expense of importing the cats from Russia keeps the breed relatively rare outside of Europe.

Siberian Cats
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Siberian Cats Personality

This breed is perfect for the active family who can give them lots of attention. Since Siberians are so intelligent, their minds need to be occupied. These cats love to play and learn tricks, and they are known to be easy to train. Watch out for their graceful (and daring) leaps! Siberians love to jump from great heights and explore every inch of the house.

This medium-sized cat prefers the great indoors, and gets along great with other pets and children. While they are likely to pick favorites in the house (most likely whoever feeds them most often), they love attention from all family members and guests alike. They are very social cats and are fairly adaptable. This cat is also perfect for families with allergies, because they are more hypoallergenic than many cat breeds.  Siberian cats have lower-than-average enzyme levels in their saliva which makes them better for humans that suffer from this type of cat allergy.

Siberian Cats Lifespan

Siberians are relatively slow to mature and reach full size and maturity at 3-5 years old.   A healthy Siberian usually lives in the range of 12-18 years.

Siberian Cats Size

Siberian males range from 15 to 20 pounds and females only slightly smaller.   The typical Siberian Cat has an overall height of 9”-11″ (23-28 cm) and body length of 15”-18” (38-46 cm).

Siberian Cats Colors and Fur Patterns

Since Siberians are a natural breed, they come in a broad range of colors, including colorpoints that have blue eyes. The range of colors includes, but is not limited to, brown, red, blue, silver, white, black and any combination of these colors. Their fur patterns come in solid, spotted, ticked, mackerel and classic patterns.

Siberian Cats
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For those seeking out the perfect breed for an active family with other pets and children, the Siberian breed may be the answer.  Overall, Siberian cats are a wonderful breed that makes a great addition to any home. They are friendly, loyal, and playful cats that will quickly become a beloved member of your family. If you’re considering getting a Siberian cat, be sure to do your research and find a reputable breeder or adoption center to ensure you get a healthy and happy cat.

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