The Best of Naughty Cats being Shamed by Their Humans

Cat Shaming

photo: YouTube

These naughty cats are up to no good and were caught and "shamed" by their human owners. . .

Naughty cats truly come in all shapes, colors and sizes.  The natural curiosity of cats often gets them into a variety of trouble around the house.  Most cat owners have struggled to keep cats off the kitchen counter or out of the refrigerator and cupboards.  Many others have sacrificed numerous rolls of toilet paper as their cat demonstrates the joy of clawing the Toilet Paper roll.  Here we take a look at an expanded range of naughty cat behaviors as disclosed by their fearless owners.

An internet trend grew in popularity where owners of cats posted photos of their cat with a sign disclosing the naughty deed of the cat.  This is also popular with dog owners.  Over time, there has been an amazing range of naughty behaviors shared about these various cat deeds.  Take a peek at this hilarious compilation video of naughty cat deeds disclosed by their humans below.

The Best of Naughty Cats being Shamed by Their Owners (Video)

Of course, it is funny to think that the cat is actually being “shamed” by their humans.  As shown in the video, most of the cats appear quite proud of their behavior and are going to be repeat offenders.  Many cat owners admit that the cat actually runs the house and does basically what they want.  The video probably should be titled “Cats Take Credit for Their Favorite Deeds”.

Shamed Cats
photo: YouTube
Let us know in the comments if you have had to bust your cat for any naughty behaviors and “share” this with other cat fans!  Check out our CatFancast YouTube channel for more interesting cat videos.

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