The Cutest Kittens Meowing (Video)

Kittens Meowing

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Enjoy watching the cutest Kittens Meowing in this compilation video . . .

These Kittens Meowing will melt your heart and create amazement at the wide variety of kitten vocalizations.  Cats tend to meow at humans and it is fairly uncommon as a means to communicate with fellow cats.  Cats communicate with their peers via scent, facial expression, marking, body language and other cat specific vocalizations. Vocalizations aimed at fellow cats include caterwauls for mating, hissing to ward off an intruder or shrieking when hurt or afraid.

Kittens do meow at their mothers to gain attention.  However, once they are grown, they stop meowing at fellow cats.  In many years of evolution with humans, cats have evolved many vocalizations for human interactions.  Cats have learned that meowing works to gain attention.  Research has determined that cats have evolved meowing to be more pleasant to the human ear.  Cats have evolved their human meows to be more high pitched and kitten like (similar to how a human baby gains attention by crying).

Watch the compilation video of kittens meowing and see more details below.

Cutest Kittens Meowing Compilation Video

Kittens Meowing has evolved as a means for cats to communication with humans.  Many cats will meow for food, treats and when they want attention.  Cats modify their meow frequency and duration to communicate with their humans.

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