smiling cats


We all know that dogs can smile, but what about cats?

These smiling cats are way too adorable and will certainly improve your day, no matter how awesome or tough it’s been. Prepare yourself for extreme cuteness ahead.

We also all know cats are mysterious, so where do their smiles come from? Strangely enough, the ones on their faces aren’t true smiles, as their facial muscles are not the same as humans.  More often than not, your kitty will express happiness via the obvious purring, closing their eyes, and relaxing their head backwards.

1. Full of Smiles

smiling cats

2.  Happy Girl!

3.  Is this a smile?

4.  It just doesn’t get cuter than this smiling cat!

5.  The ultimate form of cuteness!

6. Sleepily Smiling Cat
smiling cats

We’d love to hear which of our grinning cats are your favorites, and as always, feel free to submit your own examples of cat smiles and happiness!
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