The Ultimate Showdown: Cats vs. iPads


photo: YouTube: Rexanna McCubbin

Feline friendly apps that turn your iPad into an awesome toy.

Everyone loves iPads — adults, babies — and now our pets are getting in on the action with apps designed specifically to appeal to our feline friends.

Gaming is awesome so it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that cats are just as willing to hunker down with a glowing blue screen as their human counterparts, but that doesn’t make the videos of them playing any less adorable.

Friskies, the cat-food company, has been producing digital games for cats since 2011. Titles include Cat Fishing 2, Jitterbug and Pull ‘n Play, and each involves tempting cats to chase moving targets on the screen of a phone or tablet.

So in that spirit, we are sharing one of our favorite examples of a cat pawing at digital mice on the tablet screen.