This Cat Is Suspiciously Good at Jenga


photo: YouTube: Breakclips

Just in case you've ever wondered what a cat playing Jenga looks like, here it is.

Everyone knows that Jenga is the most suspenseful game of all time. But when a cat starts playing it, you really don’t know what to expect.

Meet Moe, the Jenga playing cat. He gives his opponents a run for their money in the video below.

The cat uses its head to push a couple of the blocks near the bottom of the wobbly tower. Surprisingly, it doesn’t fall over and the cat is able to move a couple of blocks to within swiping distance.

It then uses its paw to push out a block before switching to its other paw to knock it out.  The cats owner congratulates the cat on this spectacular Jenga move.

The owner then takes his turn and begins pushing a block from the tower but the cat is quick to help by knocking the loose block out for him.

The video concludes with the feline smacking his owner’s piece from the top of the tower in a fit of rage. Further proof that cats are sore losers. Mobile Toaster Please add the following code before the closing tag: