Cute Kittens with Stuffed Animals (Photos)

Cute Kitten

photo: Adobe Digital Media

Enjoy viewing these heart-melting photos of adorable kittens hugging and coveting their favorite stuffed animal. . . .

Kittens with stuffed animals is so adorable and makes sense as they spend their first 12 weeks cuddling with their mom and siblings.  If you have a new kitten, try out a few stuffed animals and see if your kitten finds comfort with a furry stuffed animal friend.  Kittens love to cuddle and stay warm and the right stuffed animal can provide comfort as they transition away from their mother cat and siblings.

Here we take a look at some cute photos of kittens with their favorite stuff animal.

This Kitten Loves Napping with Teddy

Kitten and Teddy Bear
photo: Adobe Digital Media
 This Kitten is not letting go of Teddy. . . 

Kitten Snuggles
photo: Adobe Digital Media
 This adorable Kitten loves her stuffed Polar Bear . . . 

Cute Kitten

This kitten defends Teddy while he sleeps . . . 

Kitten and Teddy
photo: Adobe Digital Media
 This Kitten snuggles perfect with Teddy in a Beanbag chair . . . 

Kitten and Bear


This cat cuddles with a teddy bear like a child. It’s so adorable the way he sleepily looks at the camera and grabs his bear with both adorable paws.  He’s got a comfy little kitten bed and some pillows. We’re so jealous right now, we wish we could hangout with this teddy bear kitten! This video will brighten up your day.

Kitten Hugs Teddy Bear Video

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